All-Wheel Smurf

Modified Subarus are becoming a dime a dozen these days so finding a nicely modded one shouldn’t be too hard. But with the Subaru community, it’s a little difficult to find the right one due to a lot of owners rocking a set of unauthentic wheels. Not to knock on anyone, but some times I see guys who would rock a super clean paint job with amazing aero parts only to find a set of Rotas between the wheel wells. I mean, why spend so much money on modifying your car and cheapen out on perhaps the most important aspect of your car. With that aside, the Subie below is what I call, ‘nicely done’. It’s sporting a clean smurf paint job, some blinging Work 11R wheels, and a full Ings +1 kit which makes for quite a neck-breaking ride.

Photos by Jimmy O’Donnell

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