Black Serious

This CLK63 below is nothing short of a car that means serious business. It's equipped with a Weistec supercharger kit which brings power up over 600+ Bhp. And to top off this new found power, this beast is also rockin' some super clean aesthetics that includes a beautiful set of matte black Volk G2 wheels.... Continue Reading →

The Real Silver Surfer

What is better than the pinnacle of Japanese sports car, the NSX? How about one that's sitting oh-so-pretty on a set of Advan RSDs. I kinda wish this beauty was lowered a bit more, but there might be some clearance issues with the aggressive wheel sizing.. Photos by Kevin Choi

Capital ‘R’

Although this beautiful RSX is not a real Type R, it sure does have a lot of JDM goodies to pass as one! This super clean RSX is sitting on a set of aggressive Work XT7, which goes along with a classy OEM aero, Mugen pieces, and a host of other authentic pieces. Photos by... Continue Reading →

Hottie: Elly Shee

This posts have been fewer and further between, but I'm gonna try to be more productive in the 'Hotties' category. So, without further adieu, here's Elly Shee from Models in the Trunk!

Doing It Right

Honda Civic, probably one of the most widely distributed tuner car known to mankind. So, it's safe to say that there should be many beautifully modded Civics out there. However, the numbers and demographics surely, does not reflect this theory. In reality, you'd see beat up, fake parts ridden Civics more than anything. But then... Continue Reading →

Keep It Low, Keep It Fresh

Lexus' IS trim has grown tremendously in popularity ever since the introduction of its second generation and the top-of-the-line ISF model. The after-market have taken notice of this popularity and has been churning out a host of goodies for the IS platform. This white IS below is a nice example of the endless after-market offerings... Continue Reading →

Beastly Evo

This is not the typical Evos you see stateside, this is the rarer and in my opinion, more iconic version. It's none other than the raw, over-fenders, and fog-lights equipped Evo V. And this Evo takes things up a notch with a set of aggressive Enkei RPF1s, engine modifications, and subtle interior pieces such as... Continue Reading →

‘Clean Cut’

Modified Evos are a dime a dozen these days, but finding a clean and nicely modded one can still be a daunting task. Equipped with some polish Advan RS', Voltex aero, and go-fast goodies, this Evo VIII below fits that clean and nicely modded bill quite well. Photos by Faiz Rahman


I want to stray away from the usual modified imports and just show off some amazing photos of a Porsche GT3 RS sporting a 'Sunkist' livery. Photos by GF Photography

Panty Dropper

This Lexus LS430 is the epitome of what a proper VIP car should look like; Split atoms, and stretched like a mofo, all while still staying classy.

Spoolin’ STi [Round 2]

I first posted pictures of this gorgeous GRB STi last month, but here's a brand new set of photos of it equipped with a front lip this time around. Photos by Kenny Williams Past feature: Advan STi

Follow The Leader

The following car is a symbol of what this blog is all about, a purpose to give you viewers not only something fresh, but also something new. This 2011 GR sedan is one of its kind, rockin' a set of delicious Blurple Work XT7, a Voltex spoiler and an array of parts that separates this... Continue Reading →

Fresh N’ Easy

This super clean Civic Si is one of the cleanest 8th Gen Civic that I've ever seen, and the fact that it's boosted gives it the extra points. Besides the boost, this car is fitted with all sorts of legit parts, most notably, those blinging Advan RGII, and Bride Ergos. Photos by Thanet Taout

Super Fit S2k

This Silverstone S2000 doesn't have much going on in terms of modifications, but man o man is that fitment on point! CCW Classics never gets old! Photos by Dan Crosley

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