S2000 Homecoming II Coverage (Part 1)

September 25th 2010 marked the second time that hundreds of S2000s gathered at the Honda of America headquarters in Torrance, CA. It was a very special event that was thoroughly planned out, which in included a color coordinated caravan from Irvine to Torrance, many special Honda-made vehicles on display, thousands of dollars worth of raffle prizes, the appearance of Shigeru Uehara (chief designer of the S2000 and NSX), and much much more. It was definitely a very memorable event for me and I’m glad I had a chance to participate in it for the second time. I did not get a chance to take as much pictures as I could have, due to the extremely hot weather and general laziness of waking up at 5 in the morning…..but here are the first batch of pictures. I’ll start of with some group pics, keep in mind I did not capture every car there..and I apologize for the lack of silver cars.

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