Simply Unstoppable

About a month ago, Red Star Motoring's S2000 set the new world record for the fastest S2000 in the world. Well, it just broke it. I'll let the video do all the talking...enjoy

S2000 Homecoming II Coverage (Part 1)

September 25th 2010 marked the second time that hundreds of S2000s gathered at the Honda of America headquarters in Torrance, CA. It was a very special event that was thoroughly planned out, which in included a color coordinated caravan from Irvine to Torrance, many special Honda-made vehicles on display, thousands of dollars worth of raffle... Continue Reading →

K-Powered S2k!

I posted a little teaser of this car a couple months back, and info on it has been scarce. But wait no more! Cause it's on the latest, (October) issue of Honda can't miss it because it's on the cover ;D So this is what you should look for if you are interested in... Continue Reading →

The KING Just Got Faster!

Just a couple of days ago I posted a video of this exact same S2000 hitting 8.02.......well, it just went into 7's.....keep in mind, this is with a F20c.. NEW RECORD: 7.97@ 171.54, 60ft@ 1.23secs

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