500+ HP Soccer Mom Wagon

Here's a couple of cool shots of a nicely modified/Dinan M5 Touring. Not your typical station wagon..to say the least.. Photos courtesy of Nicholas TJ.R Photography

‘Special One’

Normally I don't like to post just one image for my posts...but when the car's called 'Special One', it gets special privileges lol. This is one of a few, if any, 'in motion' shots of this car. Big ups to Jan G. Photography.

Baddest Boxer Of Them All

You all should be pretty familiar with this award-winning STi, if not, then you need to get your ass out to some of the shows here in the West Coast! This is definitely one of the most highly modified STis' out there.....So, instead of me listing the mods, I'll just let the pictures do the... Continue Reading →

WedsSport SA55m Equipped 350z…..SC Included

Continuing with the "New wheels of 2010" theme.....here's a supercharged 350z equipped with the very popular WedsSport SA55m in a blue/black machining finish, that made its debut on U.S. shores early this year. The similar SA60m model is now available for pre-orders, and will be available worldwide early next year. So, don't hesitate to be... Continue Reading →

Advan RG-D Equipped Evo

This is one of the first Evo state side that I've seen rockin' the new Advan RG-D. These wheels are one of my favorite of the new models coming out from companies like Advan, Rays, Work, WedsSport, etc. Normally, most people will be content with just a set of nice wheels, and a drop for... Continue Reading →

West Bound

Here are a couple of nice snap shots of the all-so-famous, award-winning, Sorcery widebody NSX. One of my favorite modified imports.....ever. Photos courtesy of DJ Murdok

Bland?? Hardly…..

These shots were done several months ago, so they are not new new, but they are nothing short of epicness. Remember to click on the images for full size.....you would want to. lol BTW, last shot is wallpaper size! Enjoy. Photos courtesy of Webb Bland. You can check out more of his work at notbland.com

Hottie Of The Day 6

Out of all three categories in my blog.....the Hotties section definitely gets the most views lol...So here's the long overdue sixth installment of 'Hottie Of The Day'. Although, I went away from the typical import models and bikini/scantily clad shoots, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Photos courtesy of Julian Morales Photography

Red n’ Blue Bullets

Here's another amazing set of photos by John Zhang of 1013MM Photography. This time it's a feature of 2 uber fast machines......A tuned Lexus IS-F and a HKS GT600 equipped GTR. The cars are already outrageous, but the photos are simply mind-blowing. Enjoy.

The Godfather

This is one of the cleanest, yet, most menacing E30 M3 that I've ever laid eyes on. Don't you agree? Photos courtesy of XtamyR Photography

J’s Racing Euro R

Here's another street car I shot during the Super Lap Battle. It's a super clean TSX/Euro R equipped with a barrage of J's Racing goodies, such as the front bumper, rear diffuser, titanium 60rs exhaust, BBK, GT spoiler, etc. I love all the authentic parts on this car and it even has the sticker to... Continue Reading →

Orange n’ Cream

Took a few shots of my buddy's G35 coupe this past Wednesday during the Super Lap Battle, so I thought I'd share them with you guys here. Wheels are 18x10.5 +18 CE28n wrapped with 295/30/18 Advan A048 on all four corners.

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