Red Hot Civic

The title pretty much says it all, the car’s red, it’s a Civic, and it damn sure is HOT!! And it’s not the first time this car has grazed my blog 😉

I was literally blown away by this first picture, this car is just absolutely GORGEOUS! I just can’t get enough of it…..this is for sure my favorite modified new-gen Civic.

3 thoughts on “Red Hot Civic

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  1. I saw this car on Canibeat a couple months back. This is by far the nicest 8th gen I have ever seen. Only 8th gen I’ve seen that’s better then this one is the Feel’s Civic lol. Evasive Motorsports civic is also nice but not as nice as this.

  2. Feel’s Civic is nice, but I still think this one takes the cake…..everything is painted with just enough hint of carbon…too clean in my books.

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