J.Tran’s S2k Resurrection

So, I made a trip down to Socal this past weekend, and finally got a chance to shoot my buddy John’s fitted S2k. First thing that catches my eyes is that tall ass J’s Racing wing, you would think this thing can fly lol. I love how everything else flows nicely together as well, from the Mugen top, to the Spoon fenders and diffuser and even the CR front lip looks great with this setup. And to finish everything off are those aggressive WedsSport TC105n. All I can say is this car is 100x better than its pre-accident form. Can wait to see what else he’s go in store for this car, stay tuned.

I’m sure he wants to give shout outs to the Filthiest, Topdown, And Dudeblvd crews. Holla!

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