‘Work’in It

This WRX is the epitome of a simple and clean car, nothing over the top. It's rocking a set of aggressive 18x10 +18 Work XD9, Tein Flex coils, V-limited rep. lip., and other misc. goodies. Nothing more, nothing less.

Black Out: Sexy Silvia

This is perhaps one of the cleanest Silvia/240sx that I have ever seen. I just love everything about it, from the Work XSA wheels, to the aero package, and to even the roof..errr...tire rack...This car is just perfect.

Fat Lips

This Zenki 240sx is rockin' some polished Work VS-XX with some MAJOR lippage! I absolutely love the stance. Sizes are 18x9 -12 on the fronts, and 18x10 -5 on the rears.

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