J’s Racing ‘Products’

If you don't know, J's Racing is a very reputable tuning shop in Japan. They have built numerous Super Taiyku race cars and offer many top notch products for street cars. But this post isn't about their race cars, or even their products..... Well...actually...you can consider 'them' J's products..LOL! I'm sure all the fellas out... Continue Reading →

Two of a Kind

I have yet to post some pictures of my car since I've started this blog, but now I've found the perfect opportunity to do so. I just came across some new pictures of the 'other' Sorcery front S2000 in America owned by VSDanny. Smurf Blue+GPW!!!!!


Came across this pretty clean peanut STi when browsing through the forums. Love the subtle aggressiveness of the exterior with the Cusco lip, side strakes and Mature rear diffuser.

Elite Cruise

So, continuing on the Ferrari theme.....I'm sure most of you have seen pics of this epic meet...But here's a few to refresh your memories. This is perhaps the most elite car meet that I have ever seen.....

A Picture Speaks……..

There's that famous saying...'A picture speaks a thousand words' Well in this case...it should really be, 'A picture speaks several million dollars' This picture is of a Ferrari Enzo (which is couple million bucks on its own) rolling on the highway with a one of one Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina. (which makes up the other... Continue Reading →

One Word. EPIC.

This is probably going to be one of the most epic post that I will ever have on my blog. The amount of "win" that you are about to see is in epic proportions... I'm sure the Nissan Skyline GTR is on almost every man's "dream cars" list. One reason is the fact that it... Continue Reading →

Cute Car Runs On Cute Oil

So you have a cute car with all kinds of cutsy decorations hanging around??? (hope this only applies to girls O.o) Well, why not make EVERYTHING cute...including your engine oil! Try this next time... HELLO KITTY Engine Oil!

Stealth Bomber

Code name: Valkyrie. [Murder She Wrote: Entry 3] Third entry of the Murder She Wrote catalog. This is one of the sickest R8s that I have ever seen, built by SR Auto Group.

DBS Conversion

Edo Competition came out with a conversion kit that can transform a 5 year old DB9 into a brand new DBS. I must say, it looks pretty spot on, but after all is said and done...the kit might cost as much as the real DBS.

[NEW] Recaro SR-7 Advanced Edition

Following the success of the now discontinued limited edition SR-6 Super Stark seats, Recaro Japan and ASM have teamed up again to produce yet another limited edition seat...the SR-7 Advanced Edition. These limited edition seats are only available on a pre-order basis to the US market. Price?? just $1895... Get em while they last! lol.... Continue Reading →

MINI Vs. Porsche…..Go Figure..

It's a case of David vs. Goliath...the little guy (Mini) is issuing a challenge to the big bad wolf (Porsche). Why?? I don't really have a clue...a little PR perhaps... And it all began with this bold advertisement... Then came the retaliation... A statement from Porsche CEO Detlev Von Platen Dear Jim, Imagine our surprise... Continue Reading →

‘Top Deer’

Hyundai came up with the bold and daring commercial for their 2011 ix35 to poke fun at possibly the most iconic automotive review magazine. Will, Top Gear retaliate? Only time will tell. But I must say, Hyundai did a pretty damn good job in this commercial. Check it out.

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