GlowUp Meet pres. by Final\Form USA x Car Shop Glow

I was debating on foregoing this post since I wasn’t very happy with the photos but this was the real motivator for my decision to head down to Houston so here’s a little snippet on the GlowUp Meet. The main reason for the bad photos was the lack of a tripod since I wanted to pack light, but that turned out to be a bad decision… Either way, I did my best handheld, and managed to capture a few usable images. When I got to the meet location at Holler Brewery Co. the rain had just subsided, and there were a steady stream of cars showing up. One of the things that I noticed about the meet was how well organized it was and there were no drama whatsoever, so I gotta give props to the organizers and the attendees for providing a really enjoyable meet. Also, it was nice to finally put faces on a couple of people I’ve been following for awhile on social media in David (@FinalFormFD) and Tom (@tomsiik). It was a pleasure chatting it up with these guys and I hope to be back in Houston in the near future to put more faces on IG accounts and perhaps get some one on one time with some southern gems.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The main attractions of the meet were front and center. I just love everything that the FinalForm guys do with their cars and I can see quality in every one of their vehicles.

More close-ups of the FinalForm lineup. It was nice to see some of the cars that were not present at Wekfest.

Cleanest Subaru of the day was present as well… (@tex_mex)

Thanks David for the Option Mag Tee!

(@turboiifc) and (@resuper7) were my favorite cars at the meet. These two examples were some of the closest resemblance of Time Attack FDs which definitely hits the spot for me! Oh, and I forgot to mention it was nice to meet Ken from Car Shop Glow as I didn’t get a chance to last time I was at the shop… you can check out my CSG visit -> HERE.

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