Wekfest Texas 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 2]

So, here is the second part of my top selections from Wekfest Texas (Houston). I think there were probably a few cars that I missed either because I just overlooked them or I was too tired, either way, I think I’ve got the majority that I wanted to cover. One thing that I want to address (again), is that I’m very particular about cars that I want to cover at shows in which quality and authenticity are main factors on why I pick them for the site. So following this notion, a car that’s tastefully modded with a short list of authentic parts will always top a car that may have a long parts list however, with the parts listed looking suspect as fuck. Also, there seems to be a trend in show cars to have authentic wheels but almost everything else replicated. Unfortunately (or fortunately), depending on how you perceive this, I don’t turn a blind eye on these details. Now that I’ve got that explanation out of the way, I’m going to start this post off with a fantastic WRX, that happened to win best Subaru of the Festival.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Varis is always a great choice in the aero department and this Subaru does a really good job in executing this kit with the additional carbon canards and painted hood. It’s these details that sets the difference between a good build and a great build.

Normally I’m not a huge fan of air suspension but it definitely sets off the aesthetics of this WRX. Also, the Mag Blue ZE40s was the perfect choice of footwork that brought the car together as a whole. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the interior which was equally well presented as the exterior that was highlighted by a pair of lovely Bride Edirb Series leather seats.

The magazine cover VQ-powered Datsun was sensational in person.

A few of the clean R32s at the show including a Pandem example.

A pair of well executed S-chassis with Work Wheels as their chosen rollers.

RBs were well represented at the show.

A clean FC and FD on Super Advans and Work CR2P, respectively.

Never thought I’d have a Pontiac on the site but this G8 looked pretty good on BBS’.

I love this GC8 with the full STi treatment especially the dash swap and the Version 6 seats; definitely a unicorn among Subaru builds.

These two Truenos were definite neck breakers in their own rights.

Another Datsun, this one a much cleaner variation that’s also on AG Wheels.

Not much else is needed on this Porsche 997 Turbo than the Work Brombacher it’s rolling on.

E3X BMWs were surprisingly well represented like this four door example on Volk Racing TE37RTs.

This E36 was also pretty nice on Hartge Wheels and a LS swap.

There were a couple of Hondas that I forgot to include in the previous post like this fine J’s Racing example.

Also, this nicely done K-Swap EK on Volk Racing CE28.

And finally moving on to my favorite trio from the show, the FinalForm USA FDs.

I love the RE Amemiya AD-GT front on this FD and the gold Work VS-XX but the motor is undoubtedly the highlight of this car.

The Total Car Produce Magic fenders works really well with the rest of the RE Amemiya pieces and the Volk Racing TE37SL Pressed Double Black sets the car off very nicely.

Under the FEED hood is a single turbo 2JZ that probably raises the reliability of this FD quite significantly…

And my favorite FD of them all, coming all the way from New Jersey. This one takes the cake for me because I love the choice of parts and the execution of the whole car as a whole. From the neon green SL stickers on the TE37 SAGAs, to the vented rear bumper and small details like carbon wing stands and of course the whole RE Amemiya kit… Everything on this car seems meticulously thought out and well presented, a perfect build in my eyes.

And on that note, this concludes my take on Wekfest Texas 2017! Thanks for stopping by!

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