GTA Super Lap Battle 2017 [Event Coverage Day One Part 2]

Every time I set foot on Buttonwillow Raceway, it always brings back some good memories from past events. My fondest memories of Buttonwillow were the first years of Super Lap Battle as I’ve mentioned in the previous posts. It wasn’t because the competition was better but rather the audience was on a larger, more global scale. Of course, the Japanese teams played a huge role in the interests of myself and many others, so I hope that Global Time Attack will eventually reach out and invite some international competition for future Super Lap events… It doesn’t have to be Japanese teams, perhaps Australian or European? Anyways, enough nostalgia, let’s get back to some GTA SLB action!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Just a heads up, I made several passes by the Go Tuning/Spoon Sports USA booths throughout the day so there’s most likely more photos of their cars in future posts.

The SP Engineering GTR had one of the highest rear spoilers of the day… I’m guessing it’s functional since it blasted around the track in 1:43.176.

An SP Engineering street GTR sitting across from their race car.

Another pit area that I frequented during the day(s).

GT3 RS on BBS E88 wheels… talk about perfect match.

Another shot of Son Vo’s S2000.

The Vibrant Performance DC5 came out for some Vitamin D.

The K-Tuned DC2 in the pit area… this is also the eventual fastest FWD car of the day… and ever actually.

Enough around the pits for now, it’s time to head back to grid lane…

One of several Snail Performance STi next to the Elan NP01.

A few more grid lane shots to wrap up this post; I love the Savvy SP Motorsports GT3!

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