GTA Super Lap Battle 2017 [Event Coverage Day One Part 2]

Every time I set foot on Buttonwillow Raceway, it always brings back some good memories from past events. My fondest memories of Buttonwillow were the first years of Super Lap Battle as I've mentioned in the previous posts. It wasn't because the competition was better but rather the audience was on a larger, more global... Continue Reading →

S2000 Homecoming II (Part 2)

Some continual coverage of the S2000 Homecoming II MEGA MEET. Some notable cars, again, I didn't capture as many pics as I should have. Evasive/Voltex Full Spoon ASM vs. Spoon Evasive/Spoon Go Tuning/ASM Asura Design Alexisthemovie Clutch Masters/K24-Powered Full Mugen Full Mugen DudeBlvd/Amuse Widebody Go Tuning/Tracy Sports Widebody Full ASM Spoon My personal favorite... Continue Reading →

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