2017 World Time Attack Challenge [Event Coverage Day One Part 4]

Moving right along to Part 4 of day one, it’s time to head over to the pit lane area and also around the track to check out some much needed action. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been more interested in covering Time Attack events compared to regular shows because I prefer the sights and sounds on the track rather than hard parked cars and DJs dropping Top 40s on the ones and twos. But that’s a whole other topic for a rainy day cause there’s more important things at hand like more WTAC photos!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The Integrated Motorsport R34 looking poised for an afternoon session.

Evos were plentiful in the Open Class with such teams like Minidisc Race Division, NA Autosport, Allens Industrial Products, and Opticoat/Keeley Motorsports, respectively.

The V-Sport 86 was one of my favorite cars in Open Class, now sporting a crazy V8 power plant.

A few more Open Class contenders that I managed to capture going through pit lane. The WBT R33, 3 Rotor Racing FD, and the gorgeous J&J Motorsport MK4.

Then there’s my personal favorites in Open Class, the winner JDMYard EG, and the Car Shop Dream FD.

One more shot from the Open Class session with the Opticoat Evo passing by the Dream FD.

For the Pro Am Class, I didn’t get much coverage during this afternoon session, only manage to get shots of the 101 Motorsport “Mighty Mouse” CRX and the Autotech STi, unfortunately.

However, I did get more shots of the Pro Class like the crowd favorite, 1200HP Andy Forrest Performance WRX.

Of course, can’t forget the Scorch Racing Silvia S15.

The Pulse Racing Evo.

The other Japanese in the class, Fire Ando’s Escort/VivaC Evo.

The RP Tech Racing Porsche 968. This was probably one of the least photogenic cars of the event, even though it’s blisteringly fast.

And, lastly, the eventual overall winner, MCA Suspension Silvia S13.

So, that about covers the pit lane area for now, and I’m gonna finish this post with some action around the track.

The Vibrant Performance Si did not disappoint coming all the way from Canada and finishing second in Pro Am Class.

The 3 Rotor Racing FD was shooting flames left and right.

Some time during the Pro Class session I moved to another spot near the parking lot and got a decent angle of the track for some photo op, starting with the Pulse Racing Evo.

Got a couple of the “Hammerhead.”

And finally, somehow I caught these two in the same frame, and made it look like they were dogfighting…

So that about wraps up this post. Next up we’re gonna head towards the StylizeD part of the event… yes, I said I wasn’t interested in car shows, but it’s my first Australian show and there were actually quite a few nice builds out. Plus, I was hungry and the food trucks were by the show area…

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