[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 1]

It’s been a pretty busy week for me as I juggle between work and editing photos for the blog, but I think I’ve finally got enough done to make my first post. So, here it goes! This is pretty much a straightforward type of coverage starting from the front rows of the convention center and working the way back to the rear rows. I remember at one point of the event, I heard Ernesto mentioning that there were over 500 cars in attendance! That’s pretty fucking impressive and I’m glad to see that a show of this caliber can still grow with every passing year. I also noticed there were a significant amount of low riders this year, probably as a means of incorporating all types of vehicles in the show but I didn’t take any photos of them as they’re not significant to this blog. Anyways, enough of my rambling and let’s get to some photos!

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo rwb1_zps9fa9dmlc.jpg

 photo rwb2_zpsdnurmsdv.jpg

RWB U.S.A. #12 was the first car that greeted the thousands of spectators.

 photo rabbit_zpsivx3vebb.jpg

Super clean VW on Porsche wheels. Engine swap and wire tuck, also!

 photo varisgrb_zps2yuitwod.jpg

 photo advangt_zpszpgzci9u.jpg

This sexy Varis GRB was also one of the front runners.

 photo 7_zpsfmzqxy3z.jpg

 photo fd_zpsoofubopi.jpg

My favorite car of the event hands down. The JDM Palace FD3S!

 photo fd1_zpsmywqg81i.jpg

 photo te37_zpsuicarlio.jpg

 photo interior_zpsftjbjxwe.jpg

 photo carbonsti_zpskefcjbxc.jpg

Seen this carbon wrapped STi at many shows around the Bay Area.

 photo purp_zpsntwz8az3.jpg

 photo s13vert_zpsonnjx9y5.jpg

 photo silvia_zpsvcq7rge3.jpg

A few clean S13 and RPS13 was also present around the front row.

 photo tsx_zpsdbwinhrk.jpg

TSX on Work Kiwami.

 photo ted_zpsnvwuclrn.jpg

Teddy enjoying the show.

 photo gold_zpsp4te08qm.jpg

 photo versus_zpsoif2pofj.jpg

Couple of golden rivals at the Continental Tire booth.

 photo evo_zpsteo9k3y1.jpg

Wide X looking fresh on Enkei RS05RR.

 photo honda_zpsouzijhzz.jpg

Bagged Fit.

 photo fc_zpspdacf72g.jpg

Pretty clean FC on SE37.

 photo dc2_zpsddepsoxh.jpg

 photo ek_zpsfwwes1br.jpg

Couple of super clean Hondas.

 photo classic_zps4ld7trqm.jpg

This thing was MINT! SR swapped and rolling on Equips.

 photo mazda_zpsi4bm6z3y.jpg

This Protege is always a Bay Area staple.

 photo zenki_zpswzr7wubq.jpg

Loved this Zenki S14.

 photo baggedsti_zpsnzsrbc83.jpg

One of several Royal Origin cars. subtly bagged compared to others…..

And that’s it for now, I’ll try to get some more coverage up this weekend, but I’ve got HIN Santa Clara tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens!

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