Kanto Supra Meeting

One of the things I love most about the Japanese car culture is their dedication and effort in their craft. I mean every weekend there seems to be several car meets going on, and these meets are always filled with top notch vehicles and at most times even shop cars makes appearances. One of the numerous recent car meets was the Kanto Supra Meeting, and there were some heavy hitting MKIVs present…

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 49916.jpg

Varis Ridox Supras are always favorites of mine.

 photo 50112.jpg

 photo 50109.jpg

 photo 49920.jpg

 photo 50073.jpg

 photo 49921.jpg

 photo 49920.jpg

Do-Luck x Varis is also pure eye-candy!

 photo 49944.jpg

 photo 49939.jpg

One of the most famous Supra of Japan as of late….. Tamon Design.

 photo 49923.jpg

 photo 49947.jpg

Lovin’ the footwork on this wide body.

 photo 49946.jpg

 photo 49924.jpg

Big wings and diffusers are most haves for serious track enthusiasts.

 photo 49979.jpg


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