Less is More: JDM Silvia Spec-R

I’ve always been a big fan of a simpler approach to modifying cars, especially for street use. This “less is more” approach is very similar if not the same concept as “quality over quantity,” and that’s exactly what we get with this S15 Spec-R.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo n1.png

The Vertex Lang kit is definitely one of my favorites for the Silvia. I love the smooth and simplistic flow of the kit.

 photo n2.png

 photo n3.png

Advan Yokohama AVS Model 5 wheels gives this Silvia a few subtle look.

 photo n7.png

 photo n4.png

 photo n5.png

The only thing I’m not too fond of are the smoked tails, but I guess one can overlook that with how well the rest of the car looks.

 photo n6.png

 photo n8.png

Under the hood is a mildly tuned SR20 with a modified T28 and a host of cooling upgrades to make sure power is delivered safely and effectively.

 photo n10.png

Inside the cockpit is another simple affair highlighted by a 13-point roll cage, Recaro RS-G SK in Kamui Black x Shining Mesh Red finish, and a MOMO deep cone Drifting steering wheel.

 photo n9.png

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