Mine’s 2.8L R34 GTR: For Paul

It’s probably safe to say that this past weekend was a pretty emotional one with the opening of Furious 7. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’d know the feels I’m referring to after you watch it. This past few days, whenever I hear Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again, or watch clips of the movie my heart starts racing and emotions starts building. I guess I didn’t know how much these movies and Paul Walker really meant to me until I saw this 7th installment of the franchise and his real passion for cars really hits home for me because cars have been such a big part of my life as well. With that said, I think this 2.8L Mine’s tuned R34 is a perfect tribute to the type of car that Paul Walker lived for.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo v1.png

 photo v2.png

Love the relatively subtle but effective exterior!

 photo v3.png

 photo v8.png

 photo v4.png

 photo v5.png

 photo v6.png

 photo v7.png

 photo v9.png

Classic bronze CE28 looks absolutely fitting on this GTR.

 photo v10.png

 photo v11.png

2.8L. HKS internals. HKS twin GT2530 turbochargers. 500HP.

 photo v12.png

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