Chasing Dreams: The URAS JZX100 Chaser

Brand spanking new from URAS this year is their Toyota Chaser build that’s been going around shows in Japan. I just love the aggressiveness of this kit with the use of riveted overfenders, lip and side diffusers, and that crazy rear diffuser out back. If I had a Chaser, this is definitely the route I would take!

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 16520242429_43ce979fda_k_zpsettdc378.jpg

 photo 16705062091_a710edb688_k_zpsituoriw9.jpg

 photo 16086410833_e73946ff83_k_zps61lmcblh.jpg

 photo 16706348315_9d4ceb8ce5_k_zpsrzqzz8ya.jpg

 photo 16086408633_a01202efe3_k_zps13fgk5wc.jpg

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