Special GTR: Omori Tuned Nismo R1 BNR34

I think a lot of us can agree that the R34 GTR is probably the best, if not, top 3 Japanese sports car that was ever created. The R34 is one of those cars that need little to no work done from the factory. But of course, a little tweaking and modification upgrades never hurts…..such as dropping in an Omori tuned Nismo R1 power plant!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo grey1.png

 photo grey2.png

 photo grey3.png

 photo grey4.png

 photo grey5.png

 photo grey6.png

 photo grey7.png

Giant 6-pot Brembos looks absolutely gorgeous behind those Nismo LM4-GT.

 photo grey8.png

 photo grey10.png

 photo grey9.png

That sick Nismo R1 power plant!

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