All-JDM S2000

The Evasive Motorsports’ customer car is definitely one of the best I’ve seen. This car is where aggressive meets quality, and when I say quality, I mean JDM parts galore! Just for the record, this beautiful S2K is rocking parts from names such as Mugen, Voltex, J’s Racing, ASM, Volk Racing, and a host of other authentic manufacturers.

Photos via Evasive Motorsports @ FLICKR

 photo 16272349680_73eabcbf22_b.jpg

 photo 15837254844_9987b5aea7_b.jpg

 photo 15837254924_9e9f0df7d1_b.jpg

 photo 16433778916_268ef98848_b.jpg

 photo 16272349570_08aaf03c58_b.jpg

 photo 16433778556_d092128d53_b.jpg

 photo 16458043351_0a7f3b4afc_b.jpg

 photo 16433778466_5cdf9f4be6_b.jpg

Details, details, details!

 photo 16273883187_9cc22f1051_b.jpg

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