2015 HKS Premium Day [ Short Post ]

These are some of the cleanest shots I’ve seen from HKS Premium Day! I know a lot of pro shop and other notable cars are missing from the photo set, but what the photographer DID take was pretty sick none the less.

Photos via MINKARA <——- Make sure you guys click this link for more photos!

 photo p1_zpsa5203696.jpg


 photo p8_zpsb6e8f1ba.jpg

 photo p22_zps99480f8e.jpg

Liberty Walk always making a statement.

 photo p23_zps0b90cd18.jpg


 photo p12_zps2d06ec12.jpg

Tactical Art/Phaze2 Japan S2k.

 photo p3_zps11330253.jpg

Pretty clean 3 series!

 photo p41_zps7ff6fcfd.jpg

 photo p24_zpse1c1ad38.jpg

 photo p42_zps66666ac9.jpg

Kuhl Racing Design GTR.

 photo p71_zps6d61dea6.jpg

Spoon Sport NSX.

 photo p7_zpseea11cca.jpg

 photo p6_zpsbba59808.jpg

 photo p4_zps0d61f779.jpg

 photo p5_zps25ddcdba.jpg

Level One S2K.

 photo p51_zpscfb791e4.jpg

 photo p81_zpsb6ac499c.jpg

 photo p82_zps0a51da47.jpg

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