Attack Kansai 2014 [ Videos Only ]

Similar to the Attack Challenge at Tsukuba, the Attack Kansai event is held at Central Circuit with some of the fastest cars Japan has to offer. Like with my previous post on Tsukuba Challenge, I’m just gonna post up some of my favorite clips, but you guys can always check out the rest on ——–> YOUTUBE

Auto-Select BNR34 GTR.

Garage Ito FD3S RX7.

CCA FORT Tuesday to Mr. R FD3S RX7.

Aqua GDB STi.

Hee-Kun Racing FD3S RX7.

Inatsugi Engineering EG6 Civic.

FuelEvo Proμ FD3S RX7.

Integra SIR DC2.

D2 Moty’s 180sx.

Kyushu-Danji Evo 7.

YF System Power 48G EG6.

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