Top Ten Tuner Wheels [2013]

2013 is quickly coming to a close, but the year has been filled with some awesome new products in the aftermarket automotive industry. The wheel industry though, has always been my favorite and I constantly keep a close eye on any new wheel designs that are slated to drop. With that said, here are my PERSONAL FAVORITES of this year! Enjoy!

(Keep in mind these are just all Japanese wheels and I did not include any Americans or European wheels on this list…..otherwise it would be a top 30 or 50 list.)

#10. SSR GTF01


#9. WedsSport SA15-R


#8. Advan Racing RS-DF


#7. Enkei Racing Revolution RS05RR


#6. Advan Racing RGIII


#5. Gramlights 57FXX-PRO


#4. Volk Racing ZE40


#3 Volk Racing CE28RT Black Edition


#2. Advan Racing GT Premium


#1. Volk Racing TE37 Ultra


The TE37 Ultra gets the top spot because it takes a lot for a wheel to be around for decades and still command the attention a set of TE37 does. And for Rays Engineering to be able to improve on such a venerable design is a triumph on its own. Bravo Volk Racing, Bravo!

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