What's better than one FEED FD? Three! In this case.....but I can't complain if there's more. Photos via MINKARA

Top Ten Tuner Wheels [2013]

2013 is quickly coming to a close, but the year has been filled with some awesome new products in the aftermarket automotive industry. The wheel industry though, has always been my favorite and I constantly keep a close eye on any new wheel designs that are slated to drop. With that said, here are my... Continue Reading →


The HKS GT-Class Z4 looking oh so pretty without any decals, vinyls, or stickers. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of BMW roadsters, but this one is a definite exception lol. Photos via HKS Technical Factory

Super GT NSX, Streets Of HK [Video]

This should be a very familiar NSX to some of you guys......a custom GT-Spec NSX on the street on Hong Kong. This car is one of the most highly modded that I've ever seen driven on any public roads... Here's a video of this amazing, amazing car.....check out all the titanium, the carbon, the electronics...absolutely... Continue Reading →

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