Modellista FT86

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a FT86/FRS/BRZ on my blog or FB page that’s anything other than a Rocket Bunny variation. So, when I saw photos of this beautiful Modellista kitted 86, I knew I had to post it! But the thing I love most about this car is how well-rounded it is…I mean, the owner really didn’t take any short cuts in his choices of parts. This thing is rocking all authentic pieces, most notably the Brembo BBKs, Rays 57Xtreme wheels, of course the Modellista aero, and also the red Recaro SR-6 KK100S seats just to name a few. So, in my opinion this really is a very nicely, well modded car. Would you guys agree?

PS – Of course that neon has got to go! lol

Photos via MINKARA










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