Imprezsive Duo

It’s been long overdue for me to go out and do an exclusive shoot, so I met up with a couple of good friends who happen to both own legit, and swapped Imprezas and we did a quick shoot. The Aspen White, Advan RG2 equipped GC8 is rockin’ a USDM EJ205 motor along with pretty much all STi components, including a ported VF34 turbocharger. The Work Emotion equipped Blue Ridge Pearl GC8 is slightly more modded with a similar EJ205 power plant, along with an ewg 18G turbocharger, and supporting modifications. However, as of this writing, the blue GC8 is being torn apart to make way for a new paint job and other modifications… stay tuned.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

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