Bow Down to the KING [Unofficial NEW Nurburgring Record]

It is still UNOFFICIAL, but Pagani has announced its claim to have set the NEW, blisteringly quick lap time of 6:47 around Nurburgring. That’s 11 seconds…YES, 11 seconds! faster than the previous record holder, Ferrari’s 599XX. It is even faster than the Radical SR8LM!!! I will assure you that Ferrari will have something to say about this, doubts, bickering and scrutiny are sure to follow. The only way to really have evidence is if Pagani posts up videos of its lap times, then will the dust settle. But for now…it seems that we have ourselves a new KING on the block.

Some stats on the Zonda R:

Powered by a 6.0L V12 with 740bhp and 541 ft-lb, and top speed of 215+ mph, but only weights a scant 1,070 kg, thanks to it’s full carbon fiber construction.

2 thoughts on “Bow Down to the KING [Unofficial NEW Nurburgring Record]

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  1. This is an all out race car. This is on a higher level then the 599xx for sure. Although shattering the Radical SR8LM record is God status. Bow down to the Zonda R I shall πŸ˜€ The fact there is no vid for this accomplishment is a big let down though 😦

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