Attack Maximum Challenge 2018: VivaC Escort Evolution IX

Early last year, when I first saw the Escort Evo out in Tsukuba, it was literally draped in bare carbon fiber and looked rough around the edges. Fast forward to October of last year, the car debuted on the world circuit in Australia with a fresh VivaC livery and a revamp of their Voltex aero package. The car faired pretty well at WTAC but was still far off from a podium finish. Back in Japan however, with various tweaks and adjustments made to the car, the lap times have consistently been dropping which culminated to a course record at Central Circuit earlier in the year and a first place finish at Attack with a 51.893. Definitely giving the G-Force Evo, the Scorch S15, and the HKS TRB-03 a run for their money!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Voltex have had some extensive development done with their offerings for the CT9A platform over the years and it just gets crazier and crazier with each new rendition… I remember when they had the ‘Cyber’ version kit on the Sun Auto/Cyber Evo and I thought that was crazy. Nowadays, the Cyber kit is available for the general public.

Another thing Voltex does so well is coming out with different types of wings for all applications. They do this almost too well because I can barely keep track of which wing is which, like this three-finned Type 16 example on the VivaC Evo.

I didn’t want to step too close to the car because you never know if you’d get your foot chopped off…

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to snap some engine bay shots, but power level is around 800HP with a curb weight of about 2650lbs, so you can do the math…

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