2017 World Time Attack Challenge [Event Coverage Day Two Part 1]

Before heading down to Sydney, I actually spent some time in Japan vacationing with several friends (Yes, there’s some Japan stuff going up on the site after WTAC coverage), and during my stay in Japan, I unfortunately caught the flu. This sickness lingered with me in Sydney and I was on medication pretty much the entire trip. Because I was pretty tired from all the traveling I was doing and from the sickness itself, I decided to rest up after the first day of WTAC. Day two weather predictions called for rain pretty much the entire day, so I thought it would be okay to just show up to the event later in the afternoon. Luckily, I decided last minute that I was gonna man up and head to the event earlier, which proved to be a wise decision because the rain subsided early and overcast skies took over. This provided the perfect conditions for some good automotive photography, which got me pretty excited for day two. On top of this, as I entered the venue, an announcement was made over the PA system that the pit lanes were open for all spectators for photo ops… and that’s where we begin for day two.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The legendary Scorch Racing Silvia in all its glory…

Caught Under Suzuki going under the garage door…..

The 101 Motorsport “Mighty Mouse” CRX looked absolutely amazing and this car can actually hang with some of the guys from Pro Class.

The Pro Am Class Autotech Engineering STi. Managed a best time of 1:31.210.

The Canadian Vibrant Performance Civic Si put on a good fight against the Mighty Mouse, even going as far as labeling itself “the mouse trap,” but came up just short of the Pro Am class title.

The Harrop Engineering Exige S from Clubsprint Class.

The Evolution Racing Spares Evo V, Garage 88 Evo IX, and IS Motor Racing Evo IX looking good out in pit lanes.

The K-swapped BYP Racing EK managed a top ten finish in Clubsprint Class.

The fifth place finisher in Clubsprint Class; Arnold’s Fruit Market R32 GTR.

The Project 7Dere FD3S.

One of the best looking cars of the day, the J&J Motorsport Supra.

The Griffin Games NSX.

Another one of my favorites, the Got It Rex bugeye; finished in the middle of the Clubsprint pack with a 1:43.631 best time.

And… finishing this post off with one of the BYP Racing S2000, equipped with the always gorgeous Voltex attire and a boosted K20/24.

So, there you have it, unfortunately that’s all the usable photos I have during the pit lane walk through because the crowds got way too out of hand. However, we’re just getting started with day two, so more photos are just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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