MoMo Swings By Car Shop Glow [Part II: Hunt For The Brown Beast]

So the time has finally come for me to wrap up my last Japan trip photos, although I will probably still post up more photos on my INSTAGRAM so be sure to follow me there! As for this post, as I mentioned previously, I had made a stop to check out Car Shop Glow and perhaps get a closer look at some of their cars. To my surprise however, I found out that they keep their cars at a separate location from the actual shop. Luckily, Matt was able to give me some directions to their whereabouts, so after browsing the shop a bit, I was off to find the hidden CSG cars.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

After about a 30 minute walk, I stumbled upon an apartment complex, and there they were… just out in the open collecting dust and all.

The gorgeous CSG R32 and RX7.

But my real motive for coming was to check out their Time Attacker RX7.

RX7s has one of the finest booties ever, especially with a rear diffuser and carbon spoiler.

The RE Amemiya Facer N-1 bumper is probably my favorite that RE Amemiya offers, and it looks especially good with the huge carbon splitter as seen here.

Of course, what better wheel to match up with the brown scheme than a set of 18×10.5 bronze CE28.

Details are everything, and every piece of the car serves as a purpose for propelling this beast through some of the fastest lap times for a street car.

So, this about sums it up for my Japan adventures on the site, I’m glad a lot of you guys have stopped by to check out the photos and I will probably make another trip back in the near future so stay tuned for that. As for now, thanks for looking, and I will have some U.S. show coverage sometime soon!

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