[Event Coverage] Cars and Croissants 5/23/15 [Part 1]

Finally after a week I’m ready to post some shots I took at the Cars and Croissants event presented by 100 Octane. I’ve been to other Cars and Coffee events in the past but this was my first time checking out a Cars and Croissants. Overall, it’s exactly the same as Cars and Coffee with the same super cars that we all know and love. So, I’m just gonna let the photos do the talking…

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo lp700_zpsuaaprdah.jpg

This gorgeous Aventador was one of the first cars I saw at the event and one of many representing GT Auto Concepts.

 photo aventador_zps3ommgqeu.jpg

 photo gallardo_zpsb2edkvzg.jpg

 photo alfa_zpsitmpxsaa.jpg

Haven’t really seen any Alfa 4Cs on the streets, but I do love how they look!

 photo cobra_zpsgkxcccca.jpg

This Cobra was pretty bad ass.

 photo 427_zpsvarsxt72.jpg

 photo atom_zpsjmocfvab.jpg

This Ariel Atom was a favorite of mine.

 photo atomrear_zpsm6pyplum.jpg

 photo atomend_zpseux8upjq.jpg

How can you not love the raw exposure of every component ❤

 photo audi_zpsdbpsvdj8.jpg

 photo bosch_zpse8maxgaa.jpg

Couple of classics.

 photo sling_zpsmebv3uwd.jpg

The Polaris Slingshot.

 photo fordgt_zpsapqtall2.jpg

 photo r8_zpsprfwogek.jpg

Ford GT and Audi R8.

 photo mclarenp1_zpsr5vi0s5r.jpg

 photo mclaren_zpsdpraakkd.jpg

 photo p1back_zpsxv9n7avk.jpg

Closing out this post with this special car.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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