[Event Coverage] Cars and Croissants 5/23/15 [Part 1]

Finally after a week I'm ready to post some shots I took at the Cars and Croissants event presented by 100 Octane. I've been to other Cars and Coffee events in the past but this was my first time checking out a Cars and Croissants. Overall, it's exactly the same as Cars and Coffee with... Continue Reading →

Rieger TT with a Twist

Haven't had one of these on the blog in a long while but this Rieger TT with a twist is definitely a standout car! Some of the long list of parts on this car includes those notable TWS T66F forged wheels, the Voltex Type 2 GT wing and of course that unmistakable Rieger kit. Photos... Continue Reading →


It's been quite a long time since I've posted an Audi up on the blog, but that just changed with this stunning beauty here. The fitment on this A3 is just top-notch! And those custom BBS LMs looks absolutely fantastic on this car. Photos by Jason Maglinao

Wanna Play? For 12k!!???

Do you have 12k laying around somewhere????? If so, here's a nice little gift to yourself! An Audi designed Foosball table! YES, a Foosball table for 12k!!!...$12,900 to be exact!! Talk about overkill, but I must say...it does look pretty sitting in a game room of some rich man's house. . . . . .

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