Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer R34 @ Okayama

Here's another heavy hitter from the recent Revspeed Time Attack at Okayama. The Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer R34 GTR. Photos via MINKARA

C&Y Sports Z32 @ RevSpeed Okayama

RevSpeed recently held their time attack event at Okayama which features some of the quickest cars in Japan. One of those cars is the blisteringly quick C&Y Sports Z32 (300ZX). This 700HP beast is powered by a stroked 3.1L 2JZ power plant which propelled it to a 1.41'709 attack! Photos via MINKARA You guys can... Continue Reading →

Japan to UK: Endless GTR 950R

I actually saw this on the U.K. GTR forum today, but apparently, one of its members recently purchased Endless Car Shop's gorgeous demo R35 GTR! Not quite sure how much we're talking here, but I'm sure it's quite a hefty sum... You guys can check out more photos by visiting the link below! Photos via... Continue Reading →

All-JDM S2000

The Evasive Motorsports' customer car is definitely one of the best I've seen. This car is where aggressive meets quality, and when I say quality, I mean JDM parts galore! Just for the record, this beautiful S2K is rocking parts from names such as Mugen, Voltex, J's Racing, ASM, Volk Racing, and a host of... Continue Reading →

2JZ-Z: A 77′ Fairlady

Nissan's old school Z cars have always been one of my favorites as far as Japanese classics are concerned. Over the years I've seen some really nicely built examples with various unique modifications. Take this 77' Fairlady for example, its got the whole package; a beautiful and clean exterior with a special power plant in... Continue Reading →


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