2JZ-Z: A 77′ Fairlady

Nissan’s old school Z cars have always been one of my favorites as far as Japanese classics are concerned. Over the years I’ve seen some really nicely built examples with various unique modifications. Take this 77′ Fairlady for example, its got the whole package; a beautiful and clean exterior with a special power plant in the Toyota 2JZ equipped with ITBs for some automotive symphony.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 16442510782_8e68f3e7d2_k.jpg

 photo 16443452145_e0e80b71e0_k.jpg

 photo 15820930444_185b8626aa_k.jpg

 photo 16256042470_34cf220f3a_k.jpg

 photo 15823386563_150f945ecb_k.jpg

 photo 16443450025_25b165b9a4_k.jpg

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