[Event Coverage] Japantown Shukai 2014 ( Part 3 )

Moving right along to some more coverage of the JTown Shukai event... I hadn't realized how many photos I took since I was pretty quick on skimming through the entire show as I had my significant other with me as well. But as I'm going through all the photos right now, it looks like I... Continue Reading →

[Event Coverage] Japantown Shukai 2014 ( Part 2 )

Alrighty, it's almost bed time for me, but before I go snooze, I thought I'd drop some more photos from yesterday on here for you guys to look over. Before I go into the photos though, I just want to say that this year was bigger and even better organised than the previous. I loved... Continue Reading →

Testing Testing

The infamous Kyushu-Danji NSX ( not to be mistaken by the equally venerable Esprit NSX ) got caught in the paddock during a recent test session in preparation for the WTAC. Photos via MINKARA Those Advan A050 wrapped ZE40s are so gorgeous!!!

Out of Print

I've been meaning to do this post for quite some time now, but got side tracked and never got a chance to post it. But now that I remembered it and it's #throwbackthursday, I thought it would be appropriate to reminisce on some of our most beloved magazines. As you guys have probably read by... Continue Reading →

Needs No Intro

This (now famous) aired out NSX from Japan is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but despite the somewhat unconventional look, I do appreciate the details that went into this build. I mean, first thing that comes to mind when I see this car is how clean and immaculate it is even though it's over... Continue Reading →

One Serious Golf

I usually don't post too many VWs but damn, this Golf is pretty bad ass! This beast has got a fully gutted interior, race buckets and a host of exterior track bits in some Volk TE37Vs wrapped in Advan AO48 stickies and carbon fenders among other things. Photos via MINKARA

No Piston Aggression

Mazda's FD RX7 has always been one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time. Despite the maintenance and the reliability issues of the car, I absolutely love the free-revving 13B along with one of the smoothest body lines in automotive history. However, as much as I like the smooth lines, I prefer an... Continue Reading →


By now, I'm sure almost all automotive enthusiasts have had a glimpse of the monstrous Varis "Kamikaze" R35. If not, here's a nice close up look of the track beast during the recent R's Meeting in Japan. Photos via MINKARA

Wet Dream

NSX x Sorcery aero is probably one of the best automotive combos in existence. Of course, this is all based on my own opinion, but I'd say most of you would agree with me. Photos via MINKARA

R’s Meeting 2014

I've been seeing some great coverage of the recent R's Meeting posted up on the web the past few days, so I thought it'd be nice to showcase some of my favorites. In case you guys don't know, R's Meeting is a huge annual meet up of Nissan Skylines held at Fuji Speedway in Japan.... Continue Reading →


Saw this gorgeous M45 at the local car meet last week rocking a pretty baller setup in the Work Gnosis/Project Mu footwork. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

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