The Endless Debate : Faking The Funk

I was actually debating not to do this post because it’s honestly a waste of time. The debate of real vs. fake will keep going on and on, and there will be a supporter of either spectrum. But the reactions from JDM Chicago’s post of Varrstoen’s “new” wheel on their Facebook page today (link here —> JDM Chicago Facebook) encouraged me to write this post. So, here it goes…..

But before I go on, let’s take a look at the difference…

The real deal..


The replicated…


It’s pretty much night and day…

But moving on…

First and foremost, I do support authentic products, and I do think that replica companies are hurting the innovation aspect of the industry. They’re making so much money out of their replicated products that the one’s that innovate and are pioneers in the industry become bankrupt. A lot of people argues that the authentic products are too expensive, and they can just “settle” for a cheaper and inferior alternative. If you are one of those individuals, then let me ask you this:

Would you buy the left one or the right one?


Some would say left, but most of you probably don’t give a shit cause they’re only shoes, and they serve the same purpose. But if you tell that to a Jordan collector or aficionado, you’d probably get your ass chewed out.

Let’s go with another comparison…..left or right?


Yeah, your girlfriend would probably beat your ass for getting her the left one for her birthday.

But now, let’s go with an even BETTER comparison…..


I think I can honestly say this applies for the majority of us that we would want the authentic Apple product…

So, as my closing argument, if you agreed with anything that was mentioned in this post, you’d support authentic wheels or any authentic product for that matter. Yeah, the real Jordans are more expensive, but you’d still wait in line for them. Yeah, the real Louis Vuitton purse cost an arm and a leg but you’d still get it for your girlfriend. And yeah, the real IPhone cost way more than the Chinese copy, but you’d definitely still get it. So, the next time you argue with someone about authenticity and replicas, remember that you’re an “elitist” yourself.

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