High Spirit

The Spirit-Rei 180sx is quite possibly the finest specimen of its kind. Truly, you can't find a cleaner, more well built S13 than this. Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

Monster J

I've posted photos of this beast before but these fresh captures are some of the best! Also, I actually like the idea of different colored wheels on each side, or maybe I'm just biased cause they're TE37SLs. But anyways, mismatched wheels or not, this car looks good from any angle that you view it. Photos... Continue Reading →

A Winning Seven

Feed Afflux front bumper, Advan RG-D, Project Mu BBK, Voltex Type III rear spoiler, Bride buckets, Greddy single turbo upgrade, and the list goes on and on for this stunning RX7. Photos via MINKARA

M3 x TE37SL : It Never Fails

Like the title suggests, some car and wheel combos just never fails to impress. I used to really like E46 M3s on BBS LMs but I think I've definitely switched over to having a better liking of true Japanese wheels on them. (i.e. Volks, Work, Advan, etc.) Photos via MINKARA Lipped. No lip.


147 GTA. I'm not sure about you guys, but honestly, if you threw those numbers and letters at me, it would take me a little while to figure out what it is... Then when I figure out that it's an Alfa Romeo compact sports car, I'd probably wouldn't take a second look at it... But... Continue Reading →


I don't usually post up stock cars, but I think this particular car and set of photos deserve the exposure cause it's absolutely stunning! Photos by Fieldstone1993 Photography via FLICKR

NextMod x Liberty Walk Goodness

Out of the handful of Liberty Walk GTRs roaming around the streets, I think I've just found my favorite. Perhaps I'm biased because I love white cars but I think this Canadian bred beast tops all the rest of the Liberty Walk GTRs around the world. Photos by Raymond Tran via FACEBOOK

JDM F430

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I find this Japanese flavored Ferrari F430 to be especially appealing. Maybe it's the aero package, or the extreme ride height, or even the SSR Formula Mesh wheels, but I think everything blends quite nicely on this car. Photos via MINKARA

That M3 Fitment!

If you're not a fan of "stanced" or "HellaFlush" cars, then you should probably scroll down. But if you are, then you'd appreciate this perfectly fitted E46 M3. I'm not sure which complements which, but the Work Meister M1Rs definitely works wonders here. Photos by Yoshitako Kato via FLICKR

Rotary Envy

You guys know that I love RX7s and I post up FDs constantly, but seldom do you see me post any FCs. The reason being, is it's been tougher and tougher to source out the clean ones from the mass of less than stellar examples. But today, I stumbled upon this gorgeous FC on Work... Continue Reading →

Amazing Legacy

The Subaru Legacy wagon, a car that you seldom see modified by anyone. But there's always the few who support and modify a less sought after platform. With that said, this third gen Legacy on Work Meisters is quite possibly the finest of its kind. Photos via MINKARA

Raced Out Altezza

When you hear people talk about IS300s or Altezzas, you'd most likely think of some sort of VIP'd out modifications, and rarely tracked out versions. So, when I saw this tracked out specimen online, I knew I had to share! Photos via MINKARA

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