Tribute to Paul Walker @ Canibeat Fremont Monthly Gathering

There were tributes and candle light vigils displayed throughout the world the past couple of weeks in light of Paul Walker’s passing. He has definitely touched a lot of people in his lifetime, especially those in the car community in which he devoted much of his time to. Here in the Bay Area, last Friday, the guys at Canibeat put together a special event in collaboration with their monthly meet in Fremont to pay tribute to the late Fast & Furious star.

It was a rainy Friday, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of people but when I got to the meet, I was simply blown away by the sheer number of attendees. It was so crowded that I had to park two blocks down from the main area of the meet.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive



The weather was deteriorating as the night progressed and both my camera batteries gave up on me, so I was left with whatever you see below. Please excuse the poor quality of photos but I did what I could with a handheld…








One thing that I do want to mention before I close out this post is that this meet did draw A LOT of idiots and reckless drivers out. (I wish I was able to document all the dumb acts that happened throughout this meet) It got so bad to where people began blocking the street, so others can do burnouts…Honestly, it’s pretty bad to do this at a regular meet, but to ruin a meet with meaning and intention is on a whole nother level. We were suppose to celebrate the life of an individual who meant a great deal to this community, but instead we had these low-lifes endangering the lives of others…..way to give the automotive community a bad rep…

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