CE28RT Black Edition [A Closer Look]

Rays Engineering/Volk Racing has always been one of my favorite wheel manufacturer and one of the best aspect of this company is their commitment in quality and craftsmanship of their products. Even after 40 years in the business and amidst all these emerging wheel replication companies, Rays Engineering still stands among the finest in wheel manufacturing. Some of their latest creations, the CE28RT/Black Edition, TE37RT/Black Edition, and TE37 Ultra are true testaments to their dedication and their standards in quality and detail in their products.

If you take a closer look at the CE28RT Black Editions, you can see the details all around the wheel such as the diamond-cut logos, the detailed grooves on the rim, and the special RT badge on the lip. I think it’s safe to say that replicating these details will be quite a tough task!

Photos via FLICKR/a>








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