“Built Not Bought”

I'm always a fan of cars that's built with dedication, cars that has the blood and sweat of their owners laid out all over them. Cars that took months, years or even decades to build and complete. I honestly think that buying an already modified car is sort of a waste because the hard work... Continue Reading →

‘Royal Ocean’

I've been waiting for these photos to drop for a little while, but here is one of the latest creation by Nakai-san, the Royal Ocean. This amazing RWB is the only one in Canada at the moment and has since undergone a new wheel change in a set of PUR Legacy wheels. (Pictured are Work... Continue Reading →

Simplicity: It’s Good For You

Cars with simple but tasteful mods always get two thumbs up from me. This beautiful DC5 sitting pretty on Enkei RPF1s is a perfect example of a simple but cleanly modded car. Photos by Justin Wolfe via FLICKR

Sex Machine

There are many ways to describe this gorgeous NSX, but for me, Sex Machine comes to mind. This sexy NSX is rockin' a rare Marga Hills kit along with a fitted set of matte black TE37, which goes together harmoniously and looks absolutely perfect. Photos via FLICKR

NorCal S2000 Mega Meet [Part 2]

Alright, finally got done with the rest of the photos, so here they are! The GPWs were out in full force for the meet, so I apologize for the outstanding number of GPW photos compare to others. Hope you guys enjoy! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

NorCal S2000 Mega Meet [Part 1]

The Norcal S2k owners just held their annual 'Mega Meet' this past Sunday on the beautiful, man-made, Treasure Island. And as a S2k owner myself, this was definitely a meet I did not want to miss. With over 110 S2000s in attendance, this was probably one of the largest gathering of S2000s in Northern California... Continue Reading →

Timeless Machine

The NSX is one of the few cars that stays fresh and shows no signs of aging for decades. And one that's done up this good, definitely throws that age factor out the window. Photos by Jose Neto via FLICKR

Slight Evolution

Featured this beautiful Evo 9 done up by my friend, Edgar, from last year on the blog but since then he has done some major changes around the car, so I thought it would be appropriate to feature this car once again. Some changes include a new front bumper, a beautiful set of CCW Classics... Continue Reading →

Wheels of Wekfest V [Part III]

So, I'm finally done with my Wekfest V photos, so I'm going to wrap up my coverage with this last post here. I hope you guys have enjoyed all of my photos at Wekfest, and I can't wait to attend another Wekfest event in the near future. With that said, enjoy these last bit of... Continue Reading →

Wheels of Wekfest V [Part II]

Alright! Here it is, part deux of the special, Wheels of Wekfest V, segment of my coverage. Looks like I will have a third part for this segment, so stay tuned for more! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive ^Volk Racing TE37SL ^BBS RS ^Work S1R ^Work Varianza Schwert SC2 ^Work VS-XX ^SSR Professor MS1 ^Z Force Z8 ^HRE... Continue Reading →

Wheels of Wekfest V [Part I]

I've been trying to find time to get some more of my Wekfest V photos done, and I finally have enough to start this new segment of my coverage. I thought about doing this special segment when I was at the show, and that this showcase of wheels would prove to be resourceful and informative... Continue Reading →

S2k Track Warrior

Saw this S2k online, and I thought I had to share it because it definitely stood out from the rest. In this day and age, stanced and flush cars are taking over the scene, so it's a breath of fresh air to see some track oriented builds. Photos via FLICKR

Wekfest V [Part V]

Okay guys, this is the last part of my coverage...for now...I've got a special segment planned for the next few posts, so stay tuned for that. For now, I hope you guys enjoyed all the photos that I've posted and for those who have not been to the Wekfest Norcal shows, it's definitely one you... Continue Reading →

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