R35 Greatness

So simple and so elegant. This is a fine example of a nice, mildly modded, GTR. I think the Strasse Forged wheels matches the car splendidly, and the stance is just perfect. Photos by Tahjee Wallace via FLICKR


When I first saw these photos, I knew I had to share them here with you guys. In my opinion, I think this NSX has the perfect combination of both the fitment aspect (Work Meister S1), as well as a slight track aspect with the giant Voltex wing out back. Photos by Jeremy Brian via... Continue Reading →

Authentically Good

You guys know that I always support authenticity, and I would feature cars that, for the most part, rock authentic parts. And this S2k is all about authenticity. What I love most about this S2000 is its combination of parts, especially the conjunction of Spoon, J's Racing, and Voltex pieces. Photos by Eric Badis via... Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past! [Spocom 09′]

I haven't had the opportunity to go out and shoot anything lately, so I've been contemplating what original materials to post. Luckily, I've got some unreleased photos from events past, so I guess I will go ahead and share them here with you guys. The following photos were taken from Spocom 09'. Hope you guys... Continue Reading →

Fitted 5 Door Boxer

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely LOVE the fitment on this Subie wagon! Or maybe I'm just sold on the Rotiform, Project Mu combo. Either way, I think this car is thoroughly well built as far as craftsmanship is concerned... (i.e. fender fitment), and it's great to see it... Continue Reading →

JDM Inspired CRZ

I don't post up a lot of CRZs in general, but when I do, they're rocking authentic JDM goodies. And this J's Racing equipped beauty is currently one of my favorites. I also loved the Weds Sport SA90 wheels on this car, I think it goes absolutely perfect with the whole exterior. Photos by Eric... Continue Reading →

STi Business

I've always loved slammed and fitted STIs, but I think I prefer a track-ready one just a little bit more. And this STI definitely fits the bill. The thing I love most about this car is how menacing it looks with just a few well selected mods. (Most notably, Karlton fender flares + Work XD9)... Continue Reading →


The HKS GT-Class Z4 looking oh so pretty without any decals, vinyls, or stickers. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of BMW roadsters, but this one is a definite exception lol. Photos via HKS Technical Factory

The Subtle Bunny

This FRS is by far one of the more 'subtle' Rocket Bunny kitted cars that I've seen; and that's a good thing. And when I mean 'subtle', I'm talking no huge vinyls and stickers plastered everywhere, just a nice charcoal paint and beautifully fitted body panels. Although, the Rotiforms are definitely not subtle, I think... Continue Reading →

PBoi’s S2k

I think most of the S2k owners out there know of or has seen some variation of PBoi's S2k. But if it's your first time laying eyes on this beauty, then you've definitely missed out on one of the cleaniest S2k on the planet, IMO. This car has gone through so many small but effective... Continue Reading →

The Green Goblin

I absolutely love this Evo! Everything about this car just goes so well together, and the stance is just amazing...nothing too over the top, and just enough stretch. Also, the emerald green and CCW K57 just sets the car off like no other. Photos by Kraft Photography via FLICKR Also, check out more photos on... Continue Reading →

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