R35 Greatness

So simple and so elegant. This is a fine example of a nice, mildly modded, GTR. I think the Strasse Forged wheels matches the car splendidly, and the stance is just perfect. Photos by Tahjee Wallace via FLICKR


When I first saw these photos, I knew I had to share them here with you guys. In my opinion, I think this NSX has the perfect combination of both the fitment aspect (Work Meister S1), as well as a slight track aspect with the giant Voltex wing out back. Photos by Jeremy Brian via... Continue Reading →

Authentically Good

You guys know that I always support authenticity, and I would feature cars that, for the most part, rock authentic parts. And this S2k is all about authenticity. What I love most about this S2000 is its combination of parts, especially the conjunction of Spoon, J's Racing, and Voltex pieces. Photos by Eric Badis via... Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past! [Spocom 09′]

I haven't had the opportunity to go out and shoot anything lately, so I've been contemplating what original materials to post. Luckily, I've got some unreleased photos from events past, so I guess I will go ahead and share them here with you guys. The following photos were taken from Spocom 09'. Hope you guys... Continue Reading →

Fitted 5 Door Boxer

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely LOVE the fitment on this Subie wagon! Or maybe I'm just sold on the Rotiform, Project Mu combo. Either way, I think this car is thoroughly well built as far as craftsmanship is concerned... (i.e. fender fitment), and it's great to see it... Continue Reading →

JDM Inspired CRZ

I don't post up a lot of CRZs in general, but when I do, they're rocking authentic JDM goodies. And this J's Racing equipped beauty is currently one of my favorites. I also loved the Weds Sport SA90 wheels on this car, I think it goes absolutely perfect with the whole exterior. Photos by Eric... Continue Reading →


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