Wekfest V [Part IV]

Keeping the ball rolling here with part four of my Wekfest coverage! I'll have a more in-depth write-up on the last section of my coverage, so I'll just keep it short here and let you guys enjoy the photos. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

Wekfest V [Part III]

Alright, it's part three of my Wekfest coverage! I hope you guys have enjoyed the photos so far, but I've still got a lot more to go! Once again, I didn't get a shot of a lot of cars there, but don't get too worried if you haven't seen your car popped up yet, it'll... Continue Reading →

Wekfest V [Part II]

Alright, here we go! Part two of my Wekfest coverage! Unfortunately, I don't have photos of numerous cars that was in attendance, and I apologize for that. I was just overwhelmed by the crowd throughout the show and had a really tough time getting shots off. None the less, I hope you guys enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Wekfest V [Part I]

Well, it was another year of Wekfest SF, the premier show of the Wekfest tour, however, this year the show was moved to the San Jose Convention Center. I was not sure of the exact reason for the move, but the venue felt a little smaller than previous years, however, this size downgrade didn't take... Continue Reading →

Random Snaps [Milpitas July 19th]

Just like the title says, I went to a little weekly gathering of cars out in Milpitas this past Friday night, and had my tripod and camera with me, so here are some snaps. Enjoy! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

Amazing Happened

So, I was at a local hot spot for cars this past Friday night snapping pictures and minding my business, when I spotted something that immediately caught my attention on the far side of the parking lot. When I got closer, my breath was just taken away, because I've just seen a stunning piece of... Continue Reading →

Cayman S x Advan RZDF

I'm starting to really love Japanese brand wheels on European cars, or any car for that matter. Take this beautiful Cayman S on Advan RZDFs for example; absolute perfection. Photos via FLICKR

M3 CSL x HRE 540

The title pretty much explains this post; a beautiful E46 vert on a set of super aggressive HRE 540 sized in 18x10 and 18x11 respectively. Photos via M3FORUM.NET


Age plays a big part in a car's performance, but sometimes age does not necessarily reflect the performance of a car. With the right parts and proper tuning, any car can have the potential to perform in a manner comparative or better than newer cars. Take this amazing build GTR R32 for example. You'd know... Continue Reading →

Advan GT x GTR; Match Made in Heaven

R's Tuning has done it again! This time, they matched two sets of Advan GTs (black and white in 20x11 +5 squared sizing) on their late model R35 GTR. I think this match-up is absolutely perfect! What do you guys think? Photos via GTRLIFE.com

Edge Automotive RHD FD3S

When it comes to classic 90's Japanese sports cars, there's only a few names that would pop into most people's heads, and the Mazda RX7 is definitely going to be one of them. Personally, the FD is among one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time and with the help of simple, well-selected... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl Silvia

Saw this beauty online today, so I thought I'm give this a share. I definitely have a soft spot for S15s, especially one as clean as this! Photos by Gora Photography via FLICKR

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