Houston, We Have A Problem.

I’ve been debating for a few days now whether or not I should make this post, because it is a little sensitive subject and I don’t want other people to think that I’m hating or what not. But I decided to go ahead and write this post anyways because it’s an issue that needs addressing in our (modified cars, imports) industry.

Before I continue, I want to make sure that everyone is entitled to mod their own cars however they like, and this is strictly my thoughts and opinions.

So, recently I went into a local supermarket and I happen to pass by the magazine rack. Out of curiosity, I decided to make a quick stop and check out what they have. I noticed they had some car publications and I stumbled upon the May 2012 issue of Modified Mag. I took a quick glance at the front cover, followed by a ‘WTF’ moment, cause I had just seen a beautiful RB25 swapped 240sx on XXR 527…..XXR 527!!??? Are you fucking kidding me? I know this is my own opinion, but a cover car should not be rocking any replicated wheels. A cover car should be a car that’s oozing with quality and authenticity, a car that sets the standard for other cars to achieve. I promote heavily on authentic wheels because wheels are one of, if not the MOST important aspect of any car. I mean if you think about it, wheels don’t need body kits, but body kits need wheels. Kinda goes to show how important wheels are, and if you falter at the most important part of your car, you don’t deserve to mod any car. If you read the Modified article, what makes things worst is that the author blatantly says don’t judge the car of its fake wheels because the owner has a set of Volk GTCs in his garage. Obviously, if you have to defend a car because of its fake wheels, then I don’t think it’s cover worthy. So, all I’m trying to say with this post is that publications should really evaluate what cars they publish and strive to make this industry better and not succumb to inferior manufacturing. Bottom line is, if you are to feature a car on the COVER of a magazine, it should be a car that has quality throughout its entirety…..just sayin’.

Here’s the cover of the issue, and a link to the article below it.


2 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A Problem.

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  1. OK MoMo, I def feel you on this one. I get it, quality car, quality wheels. But the real question should be, where do you draw the quality line. Should it be anything sub-$1K sub-$2K? Or, if they replicate $3K-$4K wheels. But then you get into that blurred area where wheel manufacturers start using words like “spun-forged” WTF, does that make them sorta-forged? SO do they become sorta-OK.

    and yes I am guilty, as well, I have a $2.5K replica set of the $6.2K HRE P40s. Does that make it any better than the $500 rota guys? Good question, would you argue that its the same thing? Had them shipped from overseas, waited 3mos, then had to get them custom drilled & had the offset (backpad) shaved to fit. (when I did this a few years back HRE p40 reps were non existent)

    Now I could have gone & picked up some used Work, Volk, AME etc for the same price, but none had the signature P40s style I wanted.

    Just playing devils advocate a bit & starting good convos on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for leaving the comment! As for your questions, I honestly think it’s not about the price at all, but rather the manufacturing, and design, and work that’s put into the wheels. To me, an authentic wheel does not have to cost thousands of dollars or comes in multi piece setups. Even a set of $1000 Enkei RPF1s are quality wheels because it’s an original design and has gone through R&D to become the wheel that it is. Compare that to a $1000 set of Rotas that’s unoriginal and is a poor replication of whatever brand of authentic wheels. There’s no difference in price, but there are certainly craftsmanship and quality differences.

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