[Hot Spot! #5]

Wekfest III Coverage

It was that time of the year again.....the most highly anticipated car show of the year has just wrapped up in San Francisco, CA, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. In previous years, this show was held in the Japantown garage, which provided very limited spacing for the vehicles and attendees, therefore,... Continue Reading →

Cyber Grey Pearl S2k

Normally I'm not a fan of any silver or metallic based colors, but this Cyber Grey Pearl, found on the new Corvette ZR1, is definitely an eye catcher. I also think the 17x9 +35 white CE28n compliments the color very nicely.

Special Lotus

Here's a set of amazing photographs of a Lotus Exige Cup 260 from okidokyo.com And if you don't know what an Exige Cup 260 is, here's my little background info on it. Basically it's a faster, nimbler, and lighter version of the already potent Exige S. The 260 gets its power from the same supercharged... Continue Reading →


As a car enthusiast, I'm sure many of you have come upon a car that literally blew your mind and left you speechless. A car so perfect, that nothing needs to be changed and nothing more needs to be added. For me, this Vertex Ridge kitted S15 on Volk TE37SL is my 'Perfection'. Photos by... Continue Reading →

BBS RS Equipped Si

There's been a certain wheel that's been growing in popularity along side the Hella Flush scene...can you guess what it is? Yeah, it's that one in the title.. The BBS RS has been around for quite sometime now, but it's popularity have took on a whole different level in recent years...and I can see why... Continue Reading →

Full Race E36 M3

Here's a beautiful E36 M3 that's fully track prepped, but also has a little bit of JDM flavor and a Yakima roof rack!!?? O.o as well. In this case, I think this fusion of DTM with JDM goodies really goes well with each other. Photos by Matt Kwok

Strasse Forged IS300

This is one of the cleanest IS300 I've seen to date. It's got a beautiful stance, flawless body work, and a menacing 707whp on tap. Check out more Strasse Forged Wheels HERE Photos by Raymond Neice

S Too Clean [Part II]

A few weeks ago, I featured this amazing turbo-charged S2000 on one of my blog posts, but that was just a little teaser. Here's several more impressive shots of the car. Enjoy.

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