Saw this beautiful orange GTR get posted on the interwebz today, so I thought I'd share it here with you guys. Photos by Gus R. Photography

Game. Set. Match.

If you've been in the automotive/import scene, then surely there are cars that have forever been imprinted in your brain. Cars that are so special, and so spectacular, that you'll never forget about them. This Switzer E1k equipped GTR below is a prime example.

Project Vortyx

Here's another nice and simple car for you guys to enjoy. That is if you consider a GTR as 'simple'. This particular one is from SR Auto Group, nicknamed Project Vortyx.

Slammin’ GTR

Here's a nice set of photos of a GTR that's rollin' on a set of SV1 Forged wheels.....and did I mention this car is SLAMMED...(at least by GTR standards)

Voltex R35 GTR

Compared to other Voltex vehicles, this GTR seems very inconspicuous, almost seems non-Voltex like..... I guess Voltex still has a lot of developments to do for the GTR.

Golden Boy

I know this isn't new news, but Top Secret just released it's new front fascia for the Nissan GTR not too long ago, and I thought it looks gorgeous. It has a little reminisce of the 2012 GTR. What do you think?

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