Attack Maximum Challenge 2018: Auto Gallery Yokohama R35 GTR

Positioned closely to the Technical Auto One's FD was Radial Class competitor, Auto Gallery Yokohama R35 GTR. At first glance, the car looked like a full Varis example, but upon closer inspection, it's actually a mixture of Nismo, Auto Select,Top Secret and Varis all rolled into one beautiful package. With this aero setup, full interior,... Continue Reading →

Nismo Festival 2014

Unfortunately, I haven't stepped foot on Japan in over a decade but I did find some great coverage of the recently held Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway. I only chose a few photos to post on the blog but be sure to check out ALL the links at the END of this post! Photos via... Continue Reading →

“Ultra” Blue GTR

Well, I tried to be smart with the title of this post so I hope most of you guys get it lol. Photos via MINKARA Love the contrast of the matte blue TE37 Ultras on the Deep Blue Pearl paint work.


By now, I'm sure almost all automotive enthusiasts have had a glimpse of the monstrous Varis "Kamikaze" R35. If not, here's a nice close up look of the track beast during the recent R's Meeting in Japan. Photos via MINKARA

R’s Meeting 2014

I've been seeing some great coverage of the recent R's Meeting posted up on the web the past few days, so I thought it'd be nice to showcase some of my favorites. In case you guys don't know, R's Meeting is a huge annual meet up of Nissan Skylines held at Fuji Speedway in Japan.... Continue Reading →

Rocket Bunny Godzilla

On the day of the RWB #12 unveiling, there was a very special car that showed up to the Fatlace Paddock and I happened to capture it on camera...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...Hope you guys enjoy! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive Just to give perspective on how much wider the RB kit is.....check out the spacers... Continue Reading →

NextMod x Liberty Walk Goodness

Out of the handful of Liberty Walk GTRs roaming around the streets, I think I've just found my favorite. Perhaps I'm biased because I love white cars but I think this Canadian bred beast tops all the rest of the Liberty Walk GTRs around the world. Photos by Raymond Tran via FACEBOOK

R35 Greatness

So simple and so elegant. This is a fine example of a nice, mildly modded, GTR. I think the Strasse Forged wheels matches the car splendidly, and the stance is just perfect. Photos by Tahjee Wallace via FLICKR

Advan GT x GTR; Match Made in Heaven

R's Tuning has done it again! This time, they matched two sets of Advan GTs (black and white in 20x11 +5 squared sizing) on their late model R35 GTR. I think this match-up is absolutely perfect! What do you guys think? Photos via

In ‘V-Spec’ We Trust

You guys know how much I LOVE GTRs especially a beautifully modded one like this one below. I love everything about this R35 but the real kicker for me is that blinging set of Advan GT wheels that complements the car so nicely. Photos by R Design AUS / FLICKR

Simply Amusing

This thing needs no introduction. Just utter perfection and simplicity; the epitome of a proper GTR. Photos via Cullen Cheung FLICKR

Man’s Car GTR

So, I was doing my usual browsing online when I stumbled on these photos of this very unique looking GTR. So, I went ahead and did a little research and found out that this particular GTR is tuned by a Taiwanese tuning shop called Man's Car. And just from looking at the exterior, you can... Continue Reading →


Saw this beautiful orange GTR get posted on the interwebz today, so I thought I'd share it here with you guys. Photos by Gus R. Photography

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