Japan Shops Directory [2020 Edition]

I think during this time of social distancing, a lot of us are looking for ways to continue to create content for their respective websites and brands. For me, this post is my way of creating something that I haven't really seen online and hopefully be somewhat informative to you guys that's looking to travel... Continue Reading →

MoMo Swings By The Legendary Mine’s Motor Sports

Alright, continuing on my shop hopping journey, this time I'm taking you guys inside the shop that everyone and their grandmothers should know... well maybe not grandmothers, but for anyone who's played Gran Turismo or Forza, the name Mine's should be well embedded in your heads. The legend that is Mine's started way back in... Continue Reading →


There's never been a more iconic Japanese sports car than the Nissan GTR. For generations, the GTR has been the dream car for many boys and grown men alike. I, myself, is guilty of being a die-hard fan, and it always brings a smile to my face every time I set my eyes on one...such... Continue Reading →


I'm a few months late with these photos, but better late than never! These are awesome advertisement shots for ADV.1's ADV10 Track Spec wheels.

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