[EVENT] Wekfest Seattle 2018 Top Picks Part 1

I've always thought of Seattle as this gloomy and wet city, one that I'd probably never see myself living in, but last weekend kind of changed my mind a bit. I say this because I actually did some sight-seeing and grubbing with the girlfriend who tagged along with me on this trip, and let me... Continue Reading →

[Event Coverage] Japantown Shukai 2014 ( Part 4 )

This one is gonna be a shorter post cause I wanted to group the last of the full car shots together here. I have one more post after this which are more of the close-up, detail oriented photos that I shot with my new 50mm prime lens. So, stay tuned for that. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive This... Continue Reading →

HIN Santa Clara Coverage [Part 2]

Alright, here they are guys! The rest of the photos I took from HIN last weekend. Unfortunately, I did not have an external flash, and it was pretty dim inside, so this was the best I could muster. Hope you guys still enjoy the shots though! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

HIN Santa Clara Coverage [Part 1]

At first I was not planning to get coverage for this show because I was not too impressed with the previous HIN shows, but decided to go anyways at the last minute. So, I got my media pass and headed out to Santa Clara with my significant other by my side and camera in hand.... Continue Reading →

AutoCon LA 2013 [Part 2]

Okay, here's part 2, the final part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!'s AutoCon LA coverage. I hope you guys enjoy the photos, and I want to give a special thanks to my good friend, Clint Bustamante for allowing me to use his shots up here on the blog. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

AutoCon LA 2013 [Part 1]

Unfortunately I was not able to attend this show personally this year, but a good friend and contributor to the blog did, so I'm gonna share some photos he took at the show for you guys. Judging from the photos here and those from other blogs, it seemed like the turn out was even greater... Continue Reading →

AutoCon 2011 [Part 3]

I hope you guys enjoyed my AutoCon coverage so far but there's a lot more to come! So, I'm going to continue to let the pictures do the talking, because we all know that pictures speak louder than words. I do want to mention, on a side note, that I snapped photos throughout the show's... Continue Reading →

Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part I]

Here is the first part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!'s coverage of the April 3rd Japan Relief Gathering held in San Francisco. It was a great day of beautiful cars, weather, and a perfect view of the San Francisco Bay. But most importantly.....it was a day where Bay Area enthusiasts gathered for a great cause, I tip my... Continue Reading →

**Hottie Post** [Holiday Edition]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. Hope you guys got all the presents you wanted and ate like there's no tomorrow 😀 As for myself, I grubbed like a pig with the fambam, despite being sick for the past few days...anyways, I thought it'd be nice to show off... Continue Reading →

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