2017 World Time Attack Challenge [Event Coverage Day Two Part 4]

Alright, after over a week of on-going coverage of WTAC on the site, the time has finally come for me to close out this special coverage. But before I get to the photos, I just have to say that going to WTAC has been a tremendous experience for me, and it’s opened my eyes to a new region in the world for car tuning and car culture. More importantly, this trip has renewed my love for the automotive industry and continued to inspire me to attend more track oriented or time attack events if you will. Also, I want to give a special shoutout to the WTAC creator, Ian Baker and his whole team for organizing one of the best automotive events I’ve ever been to. So, with that said, let’s end this with a bang!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Starting this post with a pair of GTRs that you’ve seen from my previous posts, but these were taken when I switched lenses on my camera for a different perspective of the cars.

Clean MR2s are quite rare these days.

The reason why I switched lenses were to capture the last sessions of the weekend… so here’s some more looks at the Escort/VivaC Evo.

The Scorch Racing S15 is one of those cars that you’d never get tired of seeing in action.

Caught a glimpse of the Insight Motorsports Holden Astra as it makes its last runs of the weekend.

And finally, a five frame set of the Andy Forrest WRX.

After taking a break, I moved to the grandstands for the Shootout Challenge for each class, where the top contenders gets one last chance to battle it out for better position. Here we have the Vibrant Performance Si hauling ass down the front straight.

This photo of the Autotech STi pretty much sums up the weekend; it went by way too fast, almost seems like a blur.

Here we have four of the top five finishers in Pro Class, with the eventual winner Tim Slade in the MCA Hammerhead S13 closing this set.

After the Shootout Challenge, I moved back to the main event area and took a few more random snaps which will close out this post.

A closer look at the V-Sport 86 and its big V8 power plant.

Another gorgeous car posted at the V-Sport booth, a SR20 powered Datsun 510.

Walked by the Rais Racecars S13 in the pits.

Caught the IS Motor Racing Evo as it left the venue.

This Engineered to Slide S13 coupe was a definite head turner with it’s immaculate engine bay.

One more look at the Prep’d Motorsport Lotus Exige.

A sense of calm at the Escort/VivaC pits as the World Time Attack Challenge whines down.

A small glimpse at victory as the MCA Suspension “Hammerhead” S13 is moved into place for its victory pose.

Lastly, to close out this post and my coverage of WTAC 2017, the always smiling 767B team and an equally enthusiastic RX3 owner with their respective cars.

So there you have it, World Time Attack 2017 coverage is all said and done, and I want to thank all that’s been keeping up with the posts whether it’s on my INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or here. Thanks for swinging back and checking out my photos, liking them, and commenting on them. Much appreciated! But with the conclusion of my WTAC coverage, that doesn’t mean the site will go back to hibernation, oh no… there’s still plenty to come as I take you guys on my Japan adventures. So, stay tuned!!!

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